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Why is the body on fire? Vegetables that help cool the body and cool down!

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Why is the body on fire? Vegetables that help cool the body and cool down!

1. Explain the phenomenon of heat in the body.

Heat in the body is a phenomenon of heat in the whole or a certain part of the body. When feeling hot inside, the patient always feels that the body temperature is high but is completely normal on the outside.

Heat in the body can depend on internal hormones such as pregnancy, menstruation or external environmental factors, diet and lifestyle.

2. Bad effects when the body gets hot.

Heat in the body can lead to a weakened immune system, making the body susceptible to infection. Dangerous are urinary tract, genital, and digestive tract infections.

Lack of water and excessive dehydration when overheating can lead to less urination, electrolyte disorders, high blood pressure causing convulsions, coma, and especially neurotoxicity that can cause death. Furthermore, internal heat can penetrate the blood, leading to high fever, subcutaneous bleeding, nosebleeds, and electrolyte disorders.

3. Some ways to prepare and note when eating vegetables to avoid causing side effects for the body.

The vegetables mentioned above are easy to find and widely used in every family. However, behind those advantages, each type also has disadvantages. If not clearly understood, this will cause the body to weaken and damage long-term health.


Gotu kola is good for people with high blood pressure, so consider it if you have low blood pressure. Gotu kola can be eaten raw, but care must be taken to clean it to remove worms. In addition, you can use pennywort to cook soup or blend into a smoothie or make a salad mixed with beef…

Lettuce fish

Fish mint can be eaten raw or pureed or mixed with vegetable salad.


Amaranth is not often eaten raw, so most people choose to cook it, boil it, or stir-fry it with spices to enjoy it.

Water spinach

The growing location of water spinach is quite favorable for parasites to grow, so when processing, it needs to be soaked in salt and washed. AND spinach should be eaten cooked to limit bacteria that are harmful to the body.

If you are showing or have had some of the following diseases, you should not eat spinach: gout, kidney stones, urinary tract infections, high blood pressure, or open wounds on your body.

Vegetables shrinkage

Spinach can cleanse the body of alcohol well, but it causes uterine contractions. Therefore, pregnant women should be careful when eating spinach.

Malabar spinach

Spinach can be cooked in soup in combination with jute vegetables and melon to help cool down and make you feel more appetizing on hot days.

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