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Top 5 smooth white hand creams that are most trusted by many people today

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Top 5 smooth white hand creams that are most trusted by many people today

The cold season is coming all over Vietnam, and a  type of hand cream is an indispensable thing for girls right now, so that your hands are always smooth, not dry and cracked. Let’s consult with Shizencos the top 10 trusted hand creams today ^^

First, we need to find out what hand cream is?

Hand cream is a type of cosmetic specifically used for the hand area, such as hands and arms. The ingredients in the lotion help to increase moisture, minerals, supplement collagen, regenerate the skin structure, overcome dryness, cracking, peeling, making the skin softer and healthier.

Why should women use hand cream?

Our hands are the places that are often exposed to UV rays and environmental factors the most. Therefore, if we do not take good care of our hands, they will become dry, cracked, wrinkled, darkened and prone to aging. Can even cause some skin diseases such as: thin skin, fungal inflammation, visible blood vessels, irritated skin,…

Next, Shizencos would like to share the top 5 favorite smooth white hand creams.

1. Image Vital C Hydrating Hand And Body Lotion.

This product comes from the leading famous cosmetic pharmaceutical brand in the United States – Image Skincare. Extracted from natural ingredients that are good for the skin of hands and body such as: Vitamin C Complex, shea butter extract, grape seed oil, jojob oil, Hyaluronic acid…

Image Vital C Hydrating Hand And Body Lotion helps increase moisture up to 40%, preventing dehydration, dryness, and roughness on hands. Your skin will become moist, smooth and soft like a baby’s skin. At the same time, it improves the condition of sunburned, red, burning skin, acne, tiny wrinkles, helping the skin of the hand area to be rejuvenated, firm and elastic. As well as enhancing skin protection against sunlight, preventing skin pigmentation, age spots, and dark spots.

2. Nuxe Reve De Miel Hand And Nail Cream

The famous product from the French brand NUXE, not only nourishes your hands, but also cares and protects your nails to help them become more beautiful and healthy. Specifically, Nuxe Reve De Miel Hand And Nail Cream will help exfoliate dead skin and increase skin moisture. Your hands will become soft, smooth, dry and not dehydrated. Dark calluses are also effectively improved. Hand skin will be cared for and protected from chemicals found in dishwashing liquid and soap. In addition, nails will be rosier and stronger.

The ingredients in the product contain up to 90% of natural origin. Highlights include: shea butter, vitamin E, coconut oil, honey, sunflower seed oil, almond oil, soybean oil.

3. SVR Xerial 50 Extreme Creme Pieds Hand and Foot Cream

This is a famous product in the top of the most famous cosmetic brands in France – SVR, which has been tested for safety by reputable organizations. The main use of Xerial 50 Extreme Creme Pieds hand and foot cream is to reduce dry calluses, soften the skin of hands, elbows, knees, heels…

The product ingredient list contains high concentrations of dermatological active ingredients such as: active ingredient Urea pure up to 50%, active ingredient Salicylic Acid…

4. Eucerin Ultra White Body Lotion for hands and body

Products of the country’s most famous cosmetic brand Duoc Eucerin, help care for the skin of the hands and whole body in a gentle and safe way. Eucerin Ultra White Body Lotion has the ability to fade brown spots, making skin bright, even and smooth. At the same time, it moisturizes the skin, making it elastic and firm, quickly restoring damaged skin.

Especially in this Eucerin product’s ingredient list are licorice root extract, Glycerin, vitamin E, and sunscreen ingredients. Thanks to that, the skin is not only nourished and restored, but also increases its ability to protect against the effects of sunlight.

5. Nivea Handcreme Intensive Care Hand Cream

NIVEA Handcreme Intensive Care hand cream is mainly extracted from almond oil, has abundant vitamin E and high fat and protein content. Therefore, this product is very suitable for dry hands.

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