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Things you should know about scented candles

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Things you should know about scented candles

1. How to choose the size enough for the space you want to radiate?

When buying candles, you often ask the question, “What is the area of the room, so what size candle should I use?”

According to shizencos scent experts, on average you need to burn 1 glass of candle weighing 180g-200g for every 10m2, so from this formula you can choose the size of the candle to fit the space you need to scent. Make sure the space is well-radiated. If the living room space is large, you need 3-4 cups of candles placed in 4 corners if you want the scent to spread evenly to every corner of the room.

2. How to choose scented candles for each space?

Determining and analyzing the space where candles will be placed will largely determine your choice of scented candles, from scent, candle size to color and design.

For your living room, you need a candle with an eye-catching design for decoration, with a moderate but unique, attractive and luxurious scent to create a highlight for the space (Shizencos suggests: Jasmine, Mint, Geranium , Bulgarian Roses,…).

Bedrooms often have a small area, need small, moderate sized candles, gentle scent, helping relaxation and deep sleep (Shizencos suggests scent tones of Lavender, Rose, Jasmine, Citrus, Geranium, Sandalwood, etc. ..)

The kitchen needs strong scents that can deodorize well (Shizencos suggests Lemongrass, Thyme, Ginger, Cinnamon, Lavender,…)

3. Optimal time when burning candles

Always burn the candle for at least 1 hour continuously to give the wax enough time to melt evenly on the surface of the candle glass, which helps to prolong the use time, and at the same time enough time for the essential oil to evaporate and you can Feel the full aroma of the candle.

Do not burn candles for more than 4-6 hours continuously to ensure that the heat does not affect the supporting surface below (especially the wooden table). There should be a candle holder so that the temperature does not affect the surface of the interior directly. In addition, after 4 hours of burning, the wax will completely melt, which can lead to the wick drifting to one side causing unsafe heating of the cup as well as causing the wick to no longer burn evenly afterwards.

4. Important notes when burning candles

Always leave a thin layer of wax at least 0.5cm to ensure that the wick does not burn to the bottom of the glass causing damage to the surface of the candle glass because the heat at the bottom of the glass is much stronger than when there is a lot of wax.

Before burning the candle should pay attention to the length of the wick, usually we should cut the wick 1 about 0.5-0.6cm or align a reasonable short to avoid the wick being too long will cause black smoke when burning it will not be good for health. For your health, also the long wick creates a large flame on the surface, causing the wax in this area to often droop if the burning time is not long enough to completely dissolve the wax.

If the candle is placed near a frequently open window or a room with a large air conditioner, it will dilute the scent.

5. Extinguish candles properly

When you need to turn off the candle, you should use a tight lid on the candle jar or use a candle inhaler to cut off the oxygen source so that the candle goes out slowly without creating smoke or burning smell. Do not blow out the candles.

6. How to optimize the scent when burning candles for a long time

Normally, our olfactory system will decrease its sensitivity significantly after 15 minutes of smelling the same scent, making us feel like our candles have run out of scent and may want to burn another bottle of candles. However, this will not be effective (we often call it scent deafness – meaning that when there is a strong enough scent and you smell it continuously for a period of 15 minutes, then you can’t seem to hear it. What other scents.)

An important tip in this case is that we should burn different scents in different areas of the house to help the olfactory system reactivate when we go back and forth between rooms.

7. How to calculate the lifespan of 1 cup of candles

On average, an amount of candles of 30gr/ml can burn for 1 hour continuously, you can rely on that to calculate the total time you can burn before buying.

8. Effects of essential oils on air quality

If you are concerned about the air quality in your home, burning relaxing essential oil scented candles is a great therapy to remove toxins in the air. Essential oils extracted from natural flowers, leaves, grass, fruits, and seeds have great antiseptic properties, so when choosing scented candles, you should prioritize candles made from essential oils. In addition, natural essential oils will rarely cause allergies compared to artificial scents.

9. Topping decorated in candle cups

Many types of candles are decorated with many toppings such as dried flowers, herbs, stones, … to increase the eye-catching appeal of the space. After the wax melts, the decorative dried flowers in the candle holder will be submerged in the wax and gradually sink according to the remaining amount of wax in the glass, but in some cases if your decorative topping is burned during the first time of burning the wick because If you are not used to controlling the flame direction, you just wait for the wax to completely melt and you can remove these toppings or black crumbs from the candle glass.

10. Safe to light candles

Never leave a burning candle out of your sight, always make sure the candle is out of the reach of children and pets.

Avoid placing the candle too close to flammable materials and in the direction of the wind, so place the candle on an insulating pad to prevent the heat from damaging the surface of the table/cabinet below.

11. Research and choose brands

Scented candles of unknown origin can greatly affect the health of you and your family members because of the toxicity of unsafe ingredients when burned for a long time.

Therefore, before buying candles, be equipped with some basic knowledge about scented candles, understand how ingredients and ingredients are qualified as well as safe for the health of users.

Pay attention to the brand, origin – place production of scented candle jars and look to reputable brands at home or abroad to choose and buy quality products.

Those are the basics you need to know when starting to play scented candles.

If you’re still confused, don’t worry. If the shops selling scented candles are really reputable and quality, I’m sure that place will give you detailed information and suggestions about the most suitable scented candles for you to choose.

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