Technology transfer and training

The secret to Shizencos Vietnam’s success in the cosmetics field is its close association with partners who are leading Japanese experts. We are committed to providing customers with not only cosmetic formulas  but also total production technology line solutions. Our vision is to enhance the value of Vietnamese cosmetics, and this is always at the

Register brand, declare quality

BRAND REGISTER Nowadays, there are more and more processed cosmetic brands, so registering an exclusive brand is very important, especially when entering the cosmetics business. This helps you protect the interests of your own business to become sustainable as well as avoid copying and counterfeiting of your brand. Registering an exclusive brand requires a lot

Providing cosmetic ingredients

Shizencos specializes in providing raw materials for the production of Handmade and natural cosmetics. Safe, clear ingredients are strictly selected to ensure safe, benign elements suitable for the user's skin, and do not contain toxic substances. Products are manufactured with strict and meticulous processes from raw materials to product packaging. Applying modern technology lines and

Providing cosmetic packaging and bottles

SHIZENCOS provides customers with a variety of bottle and bottle packaging products in all styles, materials, colors, volumes and sizes at the best prices and costs on the market. Cosmetic bottle packaging designs are diverse such as: Face packaging, Body packaging, Serum packaging, aluminum bag packaging,... And always continuously updated with the hottest designs in

Cosmetic packaging design

90% of customers make purchasing decisions based on their impression of packaging design. That further confirms the importance of product packaging design. Product packaging is also an effective tool to help businesses express value, class and convey desired messages to customers. The combination of materials, textures, presentation, images, colors and other elements to create visual

Cosmetic processing

Shizencos Cosmetics Processing Factory is one of the reputable and quality cosmetic processing units manufactured at cGMP standard cosmetic factory. Products manufactured at the factory are quality checked with strict and meticulous processes from raw materials to product packaging. At the same time, establish a closed production process to ensure clean criteria in cosmetic processing.