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Recruiting Sales Director

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Recruiting Sales Director

Position: BUSINESS DIRECTOR   (Chief Commercial Officer – CCO)

Working place: 43D/6 Ho Van Hue, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, City. Ho Chi Minh City

Wage agreement

1. Powers:

–  Sign for approval of documents, business plans; regulations and decisions on administration, management and handling in business activities within the scope of expertise.

–  Reviewing and approving financial expenditures in business operations on the basis of the plan and economic norms approved by the General Director for each object according to the principles of quality assurance and operational efficiency.

–  Requesting the Directors, Heads of Departments, relevant Committees to implement the Company’s Business Objectives, Policies and Plan tasks approved by the General Director. Also, ask them to report on periodic and ad-hoc activity as needed.

–  Sign and approve reports on the performance of tasks within the scope of responsibility.

–  Right to sign permission, discipline, reward with sales department staff.

2. Responsibilities:

– Search for customers and take care of customers

– Make a revenue plan for each year and implement the plan in detail

– Complete sales KPI for each month/quarter/year.

– Make short, medium and long term business and marketing plans to increase brand awareness and attract customers.

– Planning the Company’s business and marketing strategy.

–  Set up marketing budget, submit to General Director for approval. Be responsible within the assigned budget, have the right to approve revenue and expenditure within the assigned budget.

–  Develop plans, solutions and organize the implementation of the Company’s objectives – policies for business and marketing activities.

–  Help the CEO to run and manage all marketing activities of the Company effectively; Ensure resources for business.

–  Develop and direct the implementation of research & development, training – training programs and application of science and technology in business activities.

–  Coordinate with the Production Director to develop specific policies for the Company’s Customers; Manage and maintain close relationships as well as customer care.

–  Identify Customer requirements and meet them ; At the same time, ensure that the entire organization is aware of the new requirements of the Customer about the Company’s products and services.

–  Report to the Director of the company periodically once a month on the status of task performance and when necessary, promptly consult the Director., to ensure that business activities are not stagnant and damaged.

–  Report summarizing activities within the scope of responsibility according to the Company’s Fiscal.

–  Work closely with the members of the Board of Directors of the Company, and work closely with reality for the operation of the Business Units and subordinate divisions; Ensuring the Company’s overall goals achieve optimal results.

– Responsible for all activities of the sales department. Manage all sales department staff.

– Perform authorized tasks when the Director is absent.

3. Authorization report:

– Report work to the General Director of the company.

4. Benefits:

– Receive salary and other benefits commensurate with the capacity in charge.

– Working conditions, social insurance, health insurance and other allowances are complied with the provisions of the Ministry of Labor of Vietnam and the policies of the Company.

– Participate in travel and team building (both domestic and foreign).

5. Standard:

–  Professional level: University or higher

– Have extensive knowledge and practical capacity in business management and operations.

– Have customer records available

– 05 years in a similar position

– Having a lot of experience and in-depth understanding of cosmetic business activities and marketing tools

– Understand the current economic law system and have general legal knowledge.

–  Skills:   Competent and reputable in organization, leadership and administration.

– Develop and organize the implementation of strategic plans, medium-term and short-term plans for enterprise development.

– Developing and promulgating regulations, drafting documents, administrative documents on corporate governance.

– Directing, directing and controlling the operation process of the enterprise.

– Participate in building, applying, maintaining and improving the product quality assurance system of the enterprise.

– Summarize and evaluate the quality of business activities.

– Research and application of innovation in management system and enterprise development.

– Fluent in speaking and writing at least 1 foreign language. Diplomacy and good manners.

* Resume sent to email address: contact@shizencos.com

* Hotline: 0984 795 025

* Application deadline: October 31, 2023

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