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Join Shizencos to learn about the super hot trend of natural cosmetics!!!

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Join Shizencos to learn about the super hot trend of natural cosmetics!!!

Nowadays, the need for beauty and cosmetic use in most age groups is increasing. Among them, benign and safe natural cosmetics are trusted by many people. If you also want to learn about this cosmetic and need information about what natural cosmetics are? Let Shizencos  give you more useful knowledge in the article below!

1. How to distinguish natural cosmetics?

Once you understand what the definition of natural cosmetics is, you can go deeper into differentiating cosmetic lines. Because each type will contain ingredients with different uses. Distinguishing between them will help you easily find the right product for your skin.

1.1 Organic cosmetics

“Organic” also known as organic ingredients. Includes ingredients from plants, grown naturally without the need for growth drugs. Therefore, Organic cosmetics are very user-friendly and environmentally friendly. However, for each country, there will be different standards to certify organic cosmetics.

For example, in the US, cosmetic products containing 70% organic substances and 30% chemicals are still labeled as Organic cosmetics. Similarly, cosmetics in Japan also require a minimum of 70% of ingredients of natural origin. But in Vietnam, there are still not enough conditions to successfully manufacture any organic cosmetic brand. Most of the products are imported from foreign countries such as the US, Japan, and Korea.

1.2 Nature cosmetics

Nature cosmetics are benign thanks to extracts from compounds in nature. Most of the main ingredients are olive oil, green tea leaf extract, sodium chloride in sea salt, water,… with a moderate and sufficient amount. Or it can be combined with beeswax, flavorings or animal fats. Then there are some of the less important ingredients that make up the product. They account for a different percentage from high to low in order.

1.3 Chemical-free cosmetics

If you have understood what natural cosmetics are, you must have understood the phrase  “Chemical – free”. That’s right, those are all cosmetics that contain almost no chemical or artificial ingredients. Only use extracts from vegetables, flowers, fruits or in short, plants. Because it contains many minerals and nutrients from vitamins. Especially vitamin C or E has the ability to improve skin elasticity. In addition, some extracts from roots, leaves, and stems found in cosmetics also contain medicinal properties to help improve effectiveness.

1.4 Vegan cosmetics

Vegan  cosmetics is also a small form of natural cosmetics. The reason it is called “Vegan” because the main ingredient here does not contain substances related to animals. For example, beeswax, lanolin, collagen, fish oil, etc. Thanks to it being a “vegetarian” product, it is very friendly and benign. Suitable for all skin types of all ages. Not only that, the use of Vegan beauty cosmetics also contributes to the protection of the environment and animals.

2. Why are natural cosmetics popular?

Natural cosmetics have recently been sought after by many people. Because living conditions improve, the demand for cosmetics increases. That makes consumers also concerned about the impact of cosmetics on their sustainable health. Therefore, they want to choose benign natural cosmetics to protect skin health.

2.1 Advantages

· High degree of benignity, safety. This is considered the biggest advantage when using natural cosmetics. Suitable for all skin types, including acne-prone and sensitive skin. Most natural products are strictly tested to ensure minimal skin irritation.

· A rich and diverse range of cosmetics. Ingredients used in each product line correspond to functions such as skin care, hair care or makeup. Furthermore, natural ingredients can be used to create toner, facial cleanser, perfume, shampoo, lipstick, lotion, etc.

· Environmental friendliness. The environment is increasingly polluted and seriously degraded. The use of natural cosmetic products should be encouraged. Because it helps preserve the living environment as well as protect the ecosystem and the lives of animals. At the same time, limit the hunting and killing of animals to get flavor or color for cosmetics.

2.2 Disadvantages

· Difficult to preserve under normal conditions. To ensure absolute safety and bring gentleness to the skin, the products do not contain preservatives. Leads to easy damage or deterioration if you don’t know how to preserve it properly.

Short shelf life. Natural cosmetics always expire faster than chemical cosmetics. Usually recommended by experts for less than 1 year.

The effect is slow, requiring long-term use. Although natural cosmetics are safe, their effects are slower than those of industrial cosmetics. If you want to be effective, long-term exposure is required.

3. Organic cosmetics and Nature cosmetics which will be better?

When the concept of what is natural cosmetics is known by many people. These cosmetic brands are well received and used. However, the truth about Nature cosmetics or Organic cosmetics, which is better? This is probably the question that many people ask most when using natural cosmetics. Whether the use effect is different or not, let’s find out now!


– Advantages Organic cosmetics:

· Using Organic cosmetics can help you avoid negative effects from chemical ingredients. For example, colorants and preservatives are very common in beauty products.

· In addition, natural extracts, especially from organic products. Helps improve skin pigmentation and restore skin damage effectively. From there, safely care for and protect the skin from deep inside.

In general, both types of cosmetics are good, but there are still certain limitations. Therefore, there is no correct standard to accurately evaluate whether Nature or Organic cosmetics are better. It all depends on your constitution and the problems your skin is having. A product may be suitable for one person but ineffective for another. That’s why you should try it yourself to feel how it adapts.

– Advantages of Nature cosmetics:

· Say no to chemical ingredients, including synthetic or artificial. Creates high health for your skin. Especially women during pregnancy can still use it.

· Most of them have gone through the testing process that meets international standards and the Ministry of Health. Guaranteed to nourish the skin better than chemical technology products.

Has a mild, fresh scent from nature.

4. How to choose the right natural cosmetics?

Understanding what natural cosmetics are and how to choose the right cosmetics is essential for the skin. Especially in terms of social development, when cosmetics have occupied a large position in the market. Finding the right product seems to become more difficult for customers. However, the following tips can help you choose good natural cosmetics.

4.1 Does not cause allergies

Regardless of any product, even natural cosmetics, sometimes it can cause skin irritation. It is a phenomenon when the skin encounters some ingredients that it cannot adapt to or are not suitable for. So please research carefully before buying and using. You can also try it on the skin around your face or hands first to check its safety.

In case you encounter ingredients in cosmetics that cause skin allergies. You need to immediately stop using it and keep your face clean. If it is more serious, you need to go to a dermatology clinic for timely advice.

4.2 Suitable for skin

Skin is divided into many types corresponding to many different physiques. For dry skin, the products used will often contain ingredients with different uses than for oily or combination skin. Below is some ingredient information you often see on product packaging:

· Natural cosmetics for dry skin. Dry, rough skin shows that the skin secretes little oil and often lacks moisture. Therefore, women should use cosmetics containing ingredients such as: Aloe vera, honey, coconut, olive,…

· Natural cosmetics for oily skin. In contrast to dry skin, oily skin makes it easy for bacteria to accumulate and cause inflammation. Therefore, you should prioritize water-based or oil-free products to control the amount of lubricant secreted. At the same time, it can still balance moisture at the necessary level for the skin.

· Natural cosmetics for combination skin. People of this skin group often have strongly dilated pores. Therefore, it is necessary to use lines containing extracts from honey, turmeric or green tea to exfoliate, disinfect, and de-inflame the skin.

Natural cosmetics for sensitive skin. This is a thin skin type, very susceptible to irritation and acne if exposed to negative impacts or changes in the environment. Therefore, before you start using cosmetics, you need to listen to your skin to understand its needs. Use small doses gradually for the skin to get used to and adapt.

4.3 Note the expiration date

Because it is a natural cosmetic, the shelf life is usually shorter than other types (about 3-6 months from opening). Besides, the conditions to preserve natural cosmetics well are cool or in the refrigerator at 5-10 degrees Celsius. Paying attention and checking the expiration date on the packaging before use is also very important. If cosmetics have unusual signs such as color change, strange smell, they must be thrown away immediately. Because then the ingredients have been modified, which can reduce the effectiveness and harm the health of the skin.

Through this article, we hope you have a clearer view of natural cosmetics as well as understand what natural cosmetics are. To know how to take better care of yourself, to become the best version of yourself. And don’t forget to follow Shizencos to stay updated with other useful information!

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