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Blogs 08/09/2023

Things you should know about scented candles

1. How to choose the size enough for the space you want to radiate? When buying candles, you often ask the question, “What is the area of the room, so what size candle should I use?” According to shizencos scent experts, on average you need to burn 1 glass of candle weighing 180g-200g for every 10m2,
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Beauty guide 08/09/2023

Moisturizing is the key to beautiful skin

“It is moisturizing, not any other method. Let’s really understand your skin to have a perfect skin”                                                                                         Helena Rubinstei Over time our skin becomes drier and loses elasticity due to dehydration. Therefore, moisturizing is always the key to maintaining beautiful, healthy skin. Each moisturizing product brings different benefits to the skin. So let’s clarify
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