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Physical, chemical and hybrid chemical sunscreens

On the market today, there are 3 popular types of sunscreens including: Physical sunscreen, chemical sunscreen and hybrid physical-chemical sunscreen.

Sunscreen SPF 30+, SPF 50+ and SPF 50, PA+++

In addition, sunscreen is also divided according to SPF (UV protection index). SPF 30+ sunscreen is often used daily and is gentle on the skin. Sunscreen SPF 50+ or SPF 50, PA+++ is often preferred for outdoor activities, protecting against large amounts of UV rays for a continuous period of time.

Waterproof, anti-slip sunscreen

Sunscreens are also classified into sunscreens for vigorous sports activities and sunscreens for swimming activities.

Sunscreen in cream form, stick and spray form

This is considered an extremely convenient improvement in sunscreens. The addition of sunscreen product lines in spray and stick form makes using sunscreen more convenient and hygienic.

Uses of sunscreen

Protects skin from harmful UV rays from sunlight.
Very high protection with SPF50+ helps the skin prevent redness and sunburn if exposed to sunlight for a long time.
Maintains skin moisture, provides moisture.
Brings a feeling of freshness.
Supplement essential nutrients for the skin, nourish the skin.
Prevent blue light when working with the computer continuously.

Sunscreen products on the market almost all have the uses mentioned above. The plus point to score points and be chosen by customers is the process of processing sunscreen. The company will carefully select the accompanying ingredients, helping to add additional uses, without causing cross-reactions between the ingredients.

Sunscreen is a cosmetic line with extremely high competition in the market. According to market tastes, we have the information and long-term experience to be confident enough to advise customers on which type of sunscreen to choose. Choosing Shizencos will be the most strategic, smart and economical choice for your upcoming business.

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