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Plant stem cells rejuvenate skin

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Plant stem cells for skin rejuvenation are considered a potential cosmetic ingredient in the beauty, rejuvenation, and collagen growth market. While the market is still quite “open”, outsourcing this cosmetic line to quickly help your cosmetic business gain a sustainable position in the hearts of customers is a wise choice.

What are plant stem cells?

Plant stem cells are part of the plant meristem. Specifically, the apical meristem and the lateral meristem. Plant stem cells are the source of plant life, they help provide stability to the precursor cells that form tissues and organs in plants.

How plant stem cells work in skin rejuvenation in cosmetic form

When plant stem cells come into contact with the skin, they will work in two main stages including:

Stage 1: Plant oocyte stem cells are identified when applied to the skin as cosmetics. Then the human skin will accept and allow them to penetrate deep into the skin. Cells will penetrate deeper, going deep into the dermis layer of the skin.

Phase 2: The peptides will work at full capacity, regulating the activities of aging and damaged human skin cells, enhancing the recovery process and increasing collagen production, helping the skin rejuvenate.

Uses of plant stem cells for skin rejuvenation
Provides oxygen to the skin

According to many world studies, plant stem cells for skin rejuvenation have the ability to provide large amounts of oxygen to the skin up to 70%.

Stimulates protein synthesis to increase collagen production

Plant stem cells for skin rejuvenation stimulate protein synthesis by up to 42%. Thereby helping to increase the production of new collagen and protect important collagen structures. Helps skin regenerate and rejuvenate. You can see that when you touch the skin with your fingers and press down, the skin will have a certain elasticity, not being sunken like before.

Increase blood circulation to the skin

In addition, plant stem cells for skin rejuvenation are also known for their ability to help increase blood circulation. This is shown by the fact that after using it for a while, the skin will be more rosy and vital.

Plant stem cell preparations help rejuvenate the skin

Cosmetics with the function of rejuvenating the skin from plant stem cell ingredients are currently popular on the market with the following types: Plant stem cell serum, Plant stem cell gel, Cell care cream plant origin,…

In addition, Shizencos also processes cosmetics containing plant stem cells to help rejuvenate the skin according to customer requirements. Specifically, adding natural ingredients, chemical ingredients with special treatment effects, etc. to get the most perfect finished product!

In Vietnam, consumers are still quite unfamiliar with cosmetics extracted from plant stem cells. This seems to be a potential market for those who want to do business in a new cosmetic line that has skin rejuvenation effects but does not have too many competitors.

Shizencos processes plant stem cells for skin rejuvenation with exclusive formulas, optimizing costs for customers. Customers are also supported in choosing the most beautiful and impressive packaging model at the optimal cost!

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