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Physical, chemical and hybrid chemical sunscreens On the market today, there are 3 popular types of sunscreens including: Physical sunscreen, chemical sunscreen and hybrid physical-chemical sunscreen. Sunscreen SPF 30+, SPF 50+ and SPF 50, PA+++ In addition, sunscreen is also divided according to SPF (UV protection index). SPF 30+ sunscreen is often used daily and

Plant stem cells rejuvenate skin

Plant stem cells for skin rejuvenation are considered a potential cosmetic ingredient in the beauty, rejuvenation, and collagen growth market. While the market is still quite “open”, outsourcing this cosmetic line to quickly help your cosmetic business gain a sustainable position in the hearts of customers is a wise choice. What are plant stem cells?

Formulated skin peeling products

Skin peels are considered one of the indispensable cosmetic lines in skincare steps for women to get rid of ugly features on the face, “peel” them away and prepare for a new, vibrant look. The rate of customers looking to buy and reuse is quite high, an open market for those who want to trade

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